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Art advisory and art management office providing and sourcing a full range of art-related services to wealth managers, family offices and their clients."


Advisory Services

Our long term experience within the art world has shaped our expertise in the field of art advisory and established the high level of our services. 


Over the years we built a very tight and trusted network of highly efficient professionals on which we rely around the globe to serve our clients in their best interest.


Whether auctioneers, gallerists, private dealers, experts, shippers, insurers, framers, registrars, .... they participate actively to the wide range of services we offer.



Working with high profile clients, often in close relation with their family offices and interior architects, obliges us to very high standards in terms of due diligence, reporting, transparency and confidentiality.

Wether our clients are looking to invest in art, collect, resell or curate their office space or private homes, they expect us to come up with the best possible options while respecting budgets and time-frames.
Our focus is on constant and transversal quality; regarding the works submitted, the companies and people involved, the gathered information ... Each move we make is on behalf of our clients and aimed at their best interest.

About us

Independent & Financially Transparent
With over 25 years of experience in the art world and a constantly growing worldwide network of galleries, dealers, and auctioneers, Mitterrand Art Advisory covers the needs of a handful of private, corporate, and institutional clients who believe in quality relationships, contemporary art expertise, absolute transparency and confidentiality.

Mitterrand Art Advisory is fully independent of any other actor in the art world. We are entirely free in the choices we make, we do not represent artists and finally, we do not have inventory that we wish or need to sell. Our only obsession is to guide our clients through the art world and preserve their best interest in the art market.

Our fees and revenues solely come from our clients.

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Furnished interior with artworks

2 rue des Vollandes

1207 Geneva


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