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Buying Art
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Collection Guidance
Long term vision, trust and commitment
The art of collecting
Collecting art, as it goes with any other collecting ambition, comes at a volunteered sacrifice of time and money, it also implies good choices and sometimes bad ones.

Art advisors
Through their expertise and network, art advisors create a safer environment and act as a short-cut by placing collectors within the heart of the art world. Their best interest must be the central element of the process.

Advising is not deciding
Because each private or corporate collection should illustrate a genuine vision, Edward Mitterrand Art Advisory measures success of the mission it is entrusted with through the eyes of its clients.
A long term partnership
Sharing such a personal road imposes mutual trust helped by clear and written conditions about budget & costs, independence & transparency, commitment & responsibilities.
Private Sales & Investments
Hamish Fulton, British artist and photog
Transactions & Investments
Client's best interest driven by market ethic
A safe and independent partner
Wether our clients are feeding a new passion for art, willing to invest or moving into a new home or office space, we guarantee the same level of independence and transparency for each specific mission.
Transactional and Investments strategies
Since there are as many approaches as there are artworks and intentions, we gather critical information and
 analyze where the market stands to decide with the client on a strategy for each single work. 
Negotiation and due diligence
In absolute transparency and on behalf of our clients, we negotiate the price  and perform due diligence ensuring the work is in perfect condition and bares the right documents.
Shipping & delivery
We collaborate with trusted art shipping brokers who provide us with the best delivery and installation options with the constant attention to the artwork's safety.
Art Valuation
Art Valuation
Immediate or potential value for each work
As art advisors we are in a unique position between you and the art market. We approach galleries, art dealers, artists' estates and auctioneers and handout the strict minimum amount of information about the works.

Network & Tools
To evaluate an artwork it's crucial to gather information from the right people and with the right tools. With 20 years experience we are in contact with most experts and we subscribe to the most exclusive analytical platforms and indexes.

Qualifying the value
There are several values for a single artwork; the insurance value, the immediate market value, the potential future value ...... We make sure to bring you the one you need so that you can take the right decision through our strategic advice.
Art & Interior Design
Find the best possible artwork for a determined location.
An additional challenge
Between knowledge, taste and budget prerogatives buying art is quite a challenge in itself. Integrating it within a specific interior design adds a difficulty level.

A collecting approach
Advising to serve a given interior design is successful when the art is at the center of the consideration, only to be adapted to given dimensions and budget.

Keeping the client in mind
Respected and respectful artists are well-known to art professionals, subjectivity only exists within that group, but advising art and placing it at the heart of private homes or offices demands listening skills.

Experience helps
We collaborated with many interior design projects which have been published by specialised press and magazines. 
Art Landscaping
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Art Landscaping
Finding the right balance between art, nature and architecture
Art as an signature
Whether installed in a private garden, a corporate lobby or a real estate outdoor project, the presence of monumental art immediately conveys an identity and illustrates an intention. 
A long term landmark engagement
Because installing monumental art projects requires particular means to insure safety and durability, they tend to live a longer life on one specific location. Such a durable landmark demands thorough selection efforts.
Scale, environment & perspective
When it comes to placing art, each environment is a different curatorial challenge and demands specific considerations. Adapting the art to a defined environment is the key to a successful integration.
Curatorial and technical expertise
In 2015 Edward Mitterrand curated and built his own private sculpture park in the south of France comprising of over thirty art works disseminated throughout a raw environment, the Domaine du Muy.
Collection Management
A Cuban ex-ballet dancer in balance betw
Collection Management
Data gathering and technical monitoring for a better risk management.
Art family office
We act as managers  throughout the life of your art assets. We assist and advise you on all aspects of your collection. We protect your artworks and your best interest.
Constant market information is crucial to efficient art asset management, it is the key to decision-making and sound timing. Our monitoring capacity is at your service.
Data management
With a collection growing the amount of vital data expands; location, condition, insurance value, customs status, ... We manage your collection using the best available software.
Technical services
Each step of moving an artwork requires a specific qualification; handling, framing, insuring, restoring, ... We benefit from a growing international platform of professionals.
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