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we provide guidance and expertise within the art world
To successfully enter any new field of interest and grasp the fundamentals, one needs to build-up experience, advisors act as a shortcut during the process. 
Within the art world, the advisor is there to help you understand the rules and the players, thus avoiding financial and time-consuming mistakes.

An art advisor is also there to guide you by addressing the right questions: which gallery, artist, art work, art fairs, ... Should i be involved with and why? 

​​Trust & Terms
It's a close relationship, it implies mutual trust and clear terms fixed by a written agreement.
To maintain a high level of dedication within a practice which can not be delegated, Edward Mitterrand works with no more than a handful of clients.
Family Office
Collection céramique
Family Offices 
we offer a trustworthy art management platform
In order to successfully fulfill their mission and address specific due diligence issues in each sector of wealth and asset management, family offices need to rely on the best professionals for each domain.
Art advisory office
With the ever growing presence of art within their client's assets, family offices need art professionals they can rely on to address multiple art-related issues; 
What is my client's art worth today? What are the chance of future wealth potential? Should it be kept? Consolidated as a collection? Where and how should it be  kept? Are the insurance values correct? Is the collection properly managed and cared for? What if my client wishes to donate it or build a foundation? Or sell it and transfer the wealth to the children?   ...        
Through its network of worldwide trusted providers, Edward Mitterrand operates as an art family office, with a 360° approach to all art-related issues.
Interior designers
we collaborate to achieve the best possible project
Interior design and art advisory are two very specific and complementary activities.

A fruitful collaboration between both expertise is certainly a key factor when it comes to building a strong architectural project.

Edward Mitterrand collaborated on a number of architectural projects over the past 15 years, mostly under the supervision of interior designers.

Understanding the imposed technical and aesthetic prerogatives while keeping a strict line of artwork selections are the conditions to serve the best interest of the client.
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